Doctors use Boston Dynamics robots to examine patients

Doctors use Boston Dynamics robots to examine patients

In the fight against COVID-19, all means are good, as they say. Boston Dynamics, whose robots have flashed in your tape, has announced that their Spot robot is being used by a Boston hospital to examine patients who suspect coronavirus.

In fact, any other mobile device can be in place of the Boston Dynamics robot, you can also use an electroskate – most importantly, fix the iPad for video calls. True, there is one difference: in addition, a radio is located on the robot, but you can use an iPad with a cellular module, no?

Today, the second week of Spot’s presence in one of Boston’s hospitals began, where the robot plays the role of a mobile platform for telemedicine services that allows healthcare professionals to interact with patients remotely. We listen to medical reviews and are encouraged by their reports that using the robot helped staff reduce contact time with potentially infected patients.

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But this is far from the limit. The company plans to train robots to perform other duties of medical personnel, which are no longer possible for a skateboard with a fixed iPad. For example, in the future, robots will be able to measure patient temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate, as well as blood oxygen saturation. A special thermal imaging camera will be used for this.

Also, robots will be used to disinfect rooms and public places. For this, robots will place ultraviolet sensors. In general, there is where to move.

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