Garmin, the update enhances smartwatches and cycle computers

Garmin, the update enhances smartwatches and cycle computers. Garmin has just announced an important software update that increases the potential of its devices: users can thus get even more from their Garmin-branded sportwatches and cycle computers without paying a euro, given that the update is available free of charge to everyone.

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What changes with sportwatches?

Among the most important features that you have access to by updating compatible sports watches, there is first of all the Running Power. For anyone who trains through running, the data on the Watts generated during the activity is very important: until now this information was only available using the HRM-Pro Plus band or the Running Dynamic Pod, however with this update it can also be analyzed through the sportwatch without the need to use other accessories.

Another novelty is the Morning report, the morning report that provides suggestions for the day’s training thanks to the analysis of sleep quality, HRV Status (Heart Rate Variability), in addition to the geolocated meteorological data received from the smartphone (it can be customized for include only the information that the user prefers).

Furthermore, the Medium Pace can now be adjusted according to slope: when going downhill or uphill, runners can therefore also count on the equivalent speed data on flat ground, which makes it easier to keep the effort uniform on different surfaces.

Also new is NextFork Navigation, which allows you to view the distance from the next junction and the names of the paths, thus offering even more complete navigation even for trail running enthusiasts.

For ultrarun activity then comes Auto rest, a function that causes Garmin sportwatches to automatically track the time spent in a life base, an aid point or a checkpoint, without having to pause the running activity manually.

For those who like to parade along the profile of the mountain with the board there is also the new Backcountry snowboard profile through which it is possible to track specific metrics for the ascent and descent, recording them separately.

With the new Disc golf Profile it is also possible to track the statistics relating to disc golf, a sport with rules very similar to those of traditional golf but played with a Frisbee.

What’s new in cycle computers?

For pedal lovers, the new update instead adds useful functions both for analyzing training and for sharing data during sessions, even when participating in a race.

For example, through the new Live event Sharing it is possible to automatically send updates via text message relating to the fundamental data of the session to keep family and friends informed on the progress of the competition.

With Spectator messaging, those who are following Live Tracking can instead send motivational messages to the athlete to support him during the race (connection with your phone via Bluetooth technology is required to view the messages).

The new Adaptive Training, on the other hand, affects Edge 1040 owners, who can now count on daily feeds relating to their fitness status, weekly load and other metrics, obtaining a training plan adapted to performance, recovery and the needs of upcoming events in the Garmin Connect calendar.


The update affects the fenix 7, epix (second generation), tactix 7, Enduro 2, MARQ (second generation), Forerunner 255, Forerunner 955 series of sports watches and, soon, also the Edge 1040 and Edge Explore 2 series cycling computers .

How to update?

As we said, this new update is free and can be downloaded via Garmin Express for PC and Mac or in automatic wireless mode by enabling the update from the Garmin Connect app.

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