Group administrators will be able to delete messages on WhatsApp

Group administrators will be able to delete messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp group administrators will soon have new chat moderation tools. WhatsApp has launched a new feature in the beta app that allows group administrators to delete messages from other participants.

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WhatsApp is bringing several better to groups with a number of updates. The last in chronological order helps group administrators moderate conversations, as they can now involve up to 256 participants.

With the new feature, administrators will then be able to delete any recent messages from the group chat, thanks to the new “delete for all” option that appears in the popover of the delete menu.

When a message is deleted for all group members, they receive a notification in the thread notifying them that a particular administrator has removed the message.

WhatsApp is also implementing the ability to recover messages deleted by mistake. At the moment, it’s unclear how long users will have to recover a deleted message.

Another new feature in the latest beta is the optional ability to view status updates in the chat list. Similar to stories, status updates allow users to post photos and videos within the app that disappear after 24 hours.

As usual, WhatsApp hasn’t offered any details on when these new features will be publicly launched.

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