How to know the WhatsApp Status of others while remaining anonymous?

How to know the WhatsApp Status of others while remaining anonymous? You know, curiosity is always alive and well in the world of social media and often you want to get involved in the affairs of friends and relatives, without however exposing yourself. Here, then, is a simple guide on how to look at the WhatsApp Status of other users without letting them know and remain anonymous.

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WhatsApp has been introducing many features related to user privacy in recent times. Among the latest news in this sense is the possibility of hiding one’s “online” status from anyone. This will ensure that you can safely open the app without others knowing. The only time you will appear online is when you write a message. And in fact, only the recipient will see the classic message “is writing”.

However, to return to the topic of this guide, here are the simple steps to take to look at the status of other users without being seen. We remind you, even before explaining the simple steps to take, that the Status is visible next to the Chat item at the top (on Android) or by clicking on the Status icon at the bottom left on the iPhone.

How to watch Whatsapp Status without getting caught?

  1. All you have to do is open the WhatsApp app on iPhone or Android and go to the Settings menu. To do this you will have to click the three dots at the top right on Android, or at the bottom right on iPhone.
  2. Once you have entered the Settings menu, simply enter Privacy and, from here, uncheck the “Read receipts” item.
  3. In this way, you will be able to view the states of the users without them knowing anything, thus remaining totally anonymous. Be careful, though.
  4. And in fact, if you decide to reactivate the read confirmation immediately, your name will appear in the list of those who have viewed the stories. To overcome this problem, before reactivating the read confirmation, you will have to wait for the expiry of the Story published by the contact you have spied on. The maximum time of each State, we recall, is 24 hours. To be sure of not being discovered, wait 24 hours from the display of the Status, before reactivating the read receipt.

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