How to Make Money on YouTube 12 Effective Strategies

How to Make Money on YouTube: 12 Effective Strategies

Nowadays YouTube is a profitable platform for making money online. If you have an idea for content, presentation, vigorous activity and a desire to promote the channel, making good money on this service is real. Moreover, there are many effective ways to make money on YouTube.

Youtube Monetization

It will become possible to connect monetization when it reaches 1000 subscribers. This type of earnings has many advantages, since money comes from watching videos and showing the activity of subscribers. The very subject of videos is regulated independently, adjusting the content to relevant topics. Depending on the views, you can receive both several thousand rubles a month, and several tens, hundreds. It is worth understanding that trying to wind up views in an attempt to make more money is useless. The YouTube administration will quickly figure this out, and the blogger will receive nothing but a block. Keep in mind that affiliate programs put forward their own requirements for the channel and the conditions for withdrawing earnings.

Popular affiliate programs:

  • AIR (from 1500 subscribers and 5000 hours of views per year)
  • GTRussia (from 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views per year, the presence of 10 videos and the design of the channel)
  • ScaleLab (from 2500 subscribers and 4000 hours of views)

In many respects, the profit is determined by the chosen niche, the quality and quantity of videos, the ability to correctly present the video, choose keywords for the title and make a bright cover. It is important to bring new things to the channel and generate ideas for content. Remember to keep in touch with your audience, because, in fact, they are your income.

Partnership programs.

It’s not so important to connect monetization to start making money on video. Cooperation with companies takes place. Good profit is guaranteed for high-quality advertising of products. It forms part of the money from the value of the goods sold.
You will need to register on the affiliate program website and set up a referral link for the product that you will advertise. Income depends on the activity of subscribers: the more actions, clicks and purchases, the higher the profit.

Earn money by completing easy tasks.

You can’t earn much for this activity, but the method is suitable for additional income. You need a YouTube account itself and registration on exchanges that provide special orders. For completing elementary tasks: like, write a comment, subscribe, you will be paid.

Popular services:

  • QComment
  • VKtarget
  • Prospero
  • ForumOk

Youtube Video advertising.

If the channel is promoted, has a stable number of views and a growing audience, then it’s time to sell ads to various branded companies. The task is to advertise the product, telling about the benefits, highlighting the merits, and also sharing the profitable offers of the store itself. The cost of advertising will depend on statistics. Given it, for convenience, indicate the price. It goes without saying that in order to find advertisers, your channel must be competitive with the rest.

Promote other bloggers.

To promote the channel, novice bloggers buy ads from those who have advanced further. Using this, set a price, sell ads and earn money. Prices should be considered based on the number of subscribers, views and ad type. Do not fill the price if the channel is not yet promoted enough – it is unlikely that it will be sold.
Offer bloggers your ads, but choose channels with similar topics and directions to offer what subscribers are interested in.

Do you have your own product? Advertise it!

A suitable option for those who own their own store, produce custom-made goods, sell their services, courses or guides.
This method contains a lot of advantages, because the topic of the channel is related to the interests and hobbies of the blogger himself. While gaining an audience, in parallel, there is a promotion of a personal brand. By producing a product that is worthwhile, quality and engaging, thereby expanding your audience, you earn trust. And if there is trust, then the demand will definitely be there.
Having an education in one of the spheres of culture and society, make up personal courses. Cooking, singing, painting, handicrafts and much more. In this case, you need to rely on your own knowledge and competence.
Consider what is being sold. It is easier to make money with some products, but more difficult with some.

Streams and donations.

This method has become especially popular these days. It is not surprising, because channels with a loyal and active audience can have good money with the help of donations. Donations are, in other words, a donation for purchases, promotion, development and many other purposes.
Streaming on a variety of topics, be it walkthroughs, conversational streams or mukbangs, you can also earn a lot.
The size of donations can vary not only depending on the number of the audience, but also on how much they are willing to give. It always happens differently: someone sends ten rubles or a hundred, and sometimes they can get lucky, and the subscriber will not regret even a few thousand.

Sponsorship subscription.

This function becomes open after more than 100,000 subscribers are gained on the channel. With the help of it, the most interested fans will transfer a small amount of money every month for some bonuses. The bonuses they will receive may seem insignificant, but for the real fans it can be a very nice benefit. They have the opportunity to watch videos first, sit in closed chats, collect special emoji, and also be mentioned in the idol’s video.
But there are costs here too. Firstly, the monthly amount in the Russian Federation is about 250 rubles and even if they wish, subscribers will not be able to pay more. And secondly, 30% of this number goes to the platform.

Advertise your social media.

In social networks also have ways to make money. Having social. networks, groups, blog, promote them through your own channel, inviting you to subscribe in the video using the links in the description. The profit will depend on the number of subscribers and reach. Keep in mind that social media ad prices are lower, but this method will still serve as a great passive income.
If you wish, you can develop circuits and by combining different options to get a good result.

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Rent out the Youtube channel.

It is possible that, even after promoting the channel, there are not enough ideas for content, there is no desire to shoot. Then find tenants for your platform. Look for channels with content that seems attractive and offer them a mutually beneficial partnership.
If you have promoted the channel so much that it consistently brings in 10,000 rubles a month, then feel free to cooperate with newcomers, because the newcomers themselves are likely to have much less income.
Make sure that the reputation of the channel does not roll down, and the statistics remain positive – this primarily affects the reach of earnings.
There is an option to cooperate with several people at once. This should be done with the understanding that the subject matter of the content should be similar, otherwise confusion will result.

Sell ​​your videos.

This method can be a truly profitable business. If you are an installation specialist, sell your services to bloggers. Knowing how to handle the camera – offer to help with the shooting. Even without proper education, but with imagination, you can write scripts and sell them.

Youtube Channel sale.

Channeling is hard. Behind this activity lies a clash with criticism, stagnation of ideas, lack of time and desire. Not everyone can handle such a load. But do not immediately abandon the channel – sell it to those who are interested in developing in this direction. The price is determined based on statistics and reputation. You can make good money, but after that it will become problematic to progress on YouTube.

YouTube is a great place to make money. You can make money here, but it is better not to use it as the only source of income online. Successful bloggers sign millions of advertising contracts. But achieving such results is not as easy as it seems. Because grabbing the audience’s attention, creating videos and promoting your brand is a creative process. How to Make Money on YouTube: 12 Effective Strategies.

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