Instagram launches QR codes around the world

Instagram launches QR codes around the world

The spread of the QR code function has begun on Instagram.

The new version of Instagramhas added support for QR codes for users around the world. Previously, it was tested and a year later it is available to everyone. Instagram’s QR code function makes it easy to share or access a user’s profile. The key feature of this function is support for any third-party applications.

The InstagramQR Codes feature has come to replace a previously released feature called Nametags. Both of these features serve the same purpose, but name tags can only be scanned from the Instagram app.

Adding QR codes to Instagram will give you the freedom to use any third-party QR code scanning app to find a specific profile.

The most useful QR codes will be for businesses, shops and restaurants. They can print their name code on their Instagram profile to make it easier for consumers to follow.

How to create and share Instagram profile QR codes

To generate a QR code for your Instagram profile, you need:

  • Open Instagram app
  • Go to Settings menu
  • Select the QR code line. There is a point between “Your actions” and “Safe”

When you click on this option, you will see a QR code with your profile username below it. There are actually three different styles of QR Code and you choose the one you want to use. Other users will just need to scan this code in order to visit and follow your profile.

Check if there is a new version of Instagramon your smartphone to get the QR code function.

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