iOS 14: Apple is working on a completely new system

The iOS 13 firmware version has become almost a nightmare for all users. It is even compared with last year’s iOS 12, in which there were a lot of errors. The company promised that the new release will be truly significant.

But in September, something went wrong again. According to Bloomberg, much attention was paid to the release of the flagship iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The company focused on the iOS 13.1 version specially timed for smartphones. But firmware 13.0 remained “a little” raw. The company hoped that all users would switch to a “truly final version”, but this did not happen.

Therefore, we have updates 13.2, 13.3 and a number of beta versions that eliminate existing errors. Now it’s said that in the iOS 14 update, errors will be completely eliminated.

iOS 14 will develop from scratch

According to the publication, when developing iOS 14, a completely new method for creating firmware will be applied. In accordance with the new approach, the Apple development team will disable all buggy and incomplete functions in test versions known as “daily builds.” These errors or incomplete functions can then be enabled by testers using a new internal process and a settings menu called Flags.

So far, Apple engineers have tried to use as many features as possible in daily iOS builds before everything has been tested properly. This ensured that test devices with these internal versions were unlikely to be inoperative.

Because of this situation, it was difficult to track to what extent certain features were stable enough for the final release. With iOS 14 beta, everything will be done differently. Functions that will not be ready for release can still be tested without interfering with the work of developers and the beta version.

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