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iOS 14 introduces useful Clips feature

Apple is working on a completely new way to use third-party apps with iOS 14. According to the iOS 14 code snippet, users will be able to use apps and a feature called “Clips”.

A new feature is expected to appear in the software update. With it, you can run application fragments without the need for their full installation.

According to 9to5Mac, a function called Clips will use the API data. It will allow you to use applications without actually installing them on the device. The function itself is not big news in the mobile world, but more on that later.

New feature: iOS 14 will allow you to use applications without installing

The new function will work in conjunction with a QR code. This means that the function is activated after scanning the QR code. After scanning, a view of the application will appear on your iPhone, even if you have not downloaded and installed this application from the App Store. Users can perform the necessary actions in a pop-up card.

However, a notification about the possibility to install the full version of this application will be shown later. Developers will need to determine the parts of their applications (functionality) that they want so that users can access through Clips in iOS 14.

It is noted that Apple conducts beta testing of the Clips platform with developers from OpenTable, Yelp, DoorDash, Sony PS4 Second Screen application and YouTube.

Android has a similar feature called “Slices”. It also shows the interactive parts of the application without downloading them, but does not do it through a QR code. The Android function is, for example, in the search results of Google and Google Assistant. Looking at Google, it is likely that Apple will integrate this feature into Spotlight. However, this is not mentioned in the codes of the analyzed code of iOS14.

Apple may test this feature internally. The presentation of WWDC 2020, the new version of iOS 14, is scheduled for June. According to rumors, other new features will appear in iOS 14, such as widgets for the home screen, a full-fledged password manager, and much more.

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