iOS 15 Beta Release Date

iOS 15 Beta Release Date

iOS 15 Beta Release Date. iOS 15 Innovations, Release Date and Receivable Models – Apple has appeared before users with iOS 14 in recent weeks. The new version of the operating system comes with many new features and places more emphasis on privacy than ever before. Still, users are already wondering about the details of iOS 15.

In this guide we have prepared for you, we will include the most up-to-date developments about iOS 15. As we will update this article with every new information, be sure to follow it frequently to stay up to date. If you’re ready, let’s start with some basic details.

iOS 15 Beta Release Date

When will iOS 15 be released / available? It is expected to come out in June 2021 and be available in September 2021.

iOS 15 Beta Release Date: June 7

At this point, the predictions we will make are based on looking at previous publication dates, which usually show serious consistency. Usually, the company publishes the new operating system version publicly, simultaneously or at a small interval with the new iPhone models.

Considering this calendar, the release of iOS 15 between September 14, 2021 – September 19, 2021 seems to be the most appropriate calendar interval. Still, it would be better to wait for more extensive leaks and news to learn about the calendar.

Of course, these dates represent the date when the update will be released to the end user. We will encounter iOS 15 for the first time during WWDC 2021, after which a beta testing process will begin. We expect WWDC 2021 to take place in June 2021, again based on the previous calendar.

All About iOS 15 beta!

What is iOS 15? Apple’s next major update covering iPhones and iPods.
IOS 15, Apple’s next major update covering iPhones and iPods, will meet users as of next year. Nevertheless, the fact that there is a long period of time does not prevent various rumors, leaks and news from occurring.

iOS 14 comes with toolkits that can be positioned on the home screen, some new privacy tracking features, an application library, a popup search tab, and a more advanced voice assistant. Similarly, we expect iOS 15 to come with various innovations, improvements and customizations.

iOS 15 Innovations and Features

What innovations will iOS 15 come with? There will be many improvements for the user experience in the new version.
While we’re a bit far from net leaks for now, we’ve seen several leaks on what the company has to offer with the next major update. You can see some of them just below. As we mentioned above, do not neglect to check regularly, as this article will be updated with every new news.

1- Fast Application Archive Access

The application archive, which is located on the far right tab with iOS 14, seems to have a more advanced structure with iOS15. Accordingly, users will be able to access the archive with a single click by clicking an icon on the left without having to scroll to the right to access the application archive.

2- More Advanced Dark Mode

With the dark mode in the new version, we may witness some changes in the interface. At this point, rumors state that dark mode will show a wider range of effectiveness. For example, it is stated that the fine details will be applied, until the email counter has separate views for dark mode and normal mode.

3- Detailed Privacy Improvements

Privacy is more important to Apple than ever, and now any app can copy clipboard content without the user’s knowledge. According to the leaks, this situation seems to disappear with iOS 15. Thus, data abuse of applications will be prevented.

Again, within the scope of leaks, apps will now request individual permissions to view and use content on the clipboard.

4- Quick Access Menu

Perhaps one of iOS 15’s sweetest leaks is through a completely new quick access menu. Thanks to this menu, users will be able to access notifications, settings, application updates with a single click, and also turn off or restart their devices with one click.

While it is stated that this menu will be redesigned so that it does not cover the whole screen, we will be looking forward to what exactly we will encounter.

5- Augmented Reality Improvements

Over the years, Apple has paid more attention to augmented reality features. At this point, it is stated that iOS 15 can come with serious augmented reality upgrades. It is stated that we will meet with an advanced augmented reality application in the new version. As a matter of fact, the LiDAR Sensor in the new models is also cut out for this.

However, we do not yet know what functions this application can have.

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