iPad 9 vs iPad 10: looking for differences between old and new

iPad 9 vs iPad 10: looking for differences between old and new. The first iPad appeared on January 27, 2010, when it was presented by Steve Jobs, and sales began in the spring – April 3, 2010. Initially, Apple had only one device, but in 12 years the family has grown to indecent sizes. However, if people follow iPhones with interest, then tablets do not cause such a resonance.

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Often, Apple tablets are bought according to the principle “to watch YouTube on the white throne and put three in a line for the child,” which means that the choice falls on the base iPad. Finally, something great happened: Apple refreshed the design of the tablet, added Type-C and generally improved the device in every way. Therefore, I want to make a comparison and talk about the differences from the previous generation.

New design

The appearance of the tablet has become canonical, Apple has kept the design of the basic iPad unchanged for several years, only the screen size has increased over time. The “just” fifth-generation iPad with a 9.7-inch screen appeared in 2017, with minor changes, it was produced until 2019, when a model appeared with a display enlarged to 10.2 inches. The tablet has survived to the present, only the filling was refreshed – a real long-liver.

Now the tenth generation iPad compares favorably with its predecessors. There is no more Home button under the screen, the tablet looks much more interesting. In fact, this is the iPad Air, which in turn “stole” the design from the 2018 iPad Pro.

Moreover, the new iPad will delight lovers of bright accents, the new yellow is especially good and attracts attention. In addition, there will be a version in blue, pink and silver colors – but the succinctly black so beloved by the people is no more. The tablet has become 10 grams lighter and half a millimeter thinner – you will hardly feel the difference in practice. Some numbers for statistics:

  • Tenth generation iPad: 248.6 × 179.5 × 7 mm, weight 477 g.
  • Ninth generation iPad: 250.6 x 174.1 x 7.5mm, weight 487g

As for the model of the previous generation, it is the most rational. I wanted to say boring, but I thought it sounded insulting – in fact, the tablet is good. There are two colors to choose from: Silver and Space Gray.

It has rounded features of the case, the Home key, familiar from old Apple devices, under the screen. In fact, this is a representative of the old era of Apple gadgets, when they could not imagine how one could live without a physical key. Moreover, if earlier the fingerprint scanner was built into the button under the screen, now it is located in the power key on the top end.

The frames have become smaller, but the air gap remains

At first glance, the display of the new iPad is much better: the tablet looks much more modern without wide frames on the sides and the Home button. The diagonal has slightly increased from 10.2 to 10.9 inches, and at the same time the resolution has increased. But the brightness of the screen remained the same, all the same 500 nits – moreover, the air layer has not gone away either. Plus, there is no DCI-P3 support and there is no anti-glare. That is, you should not expect the same sensations from the iPad that the more expensive iPad Air will give.

Everything inside is better

The Apple A13 Bionic has been replaced by the Apple A14 Bionic. It is more powerful, of course, but from the experience of using the basic 2021 iPad, I can not say that you are experiencing any problems in operation. Another thing is that the tablet is usually bought for a long time and there will be more stock for future iPadOS updates.

The choice is still the same two versions: 64 or 256 GB. As for me, the 128 GB modification is sorely lacking, a kind of golden mean. However, if you do not download a bunch of movies or games, then the base volume should be enough.

We upgraded the wireless modules: Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 appeared instead of version 4.2. Plus, 5G is now supported, and the old generation tablet only worked on 4G networks.

Finally, something great happened: Apple realized that the tablet is much more convenient to use in landscape orientation during calls, so the front camera has moved. Judging by the characteristics, the image quality will remain the same: the same 12 MP camera with the “Spotlight” function to always stay in the middle of the frame. However, thanks to the wider angle, more objects will fit in the frame, so you will have to clean up the house before conferences.

But the main module is already 12 megapixels, and not 8 megapixels, as before. Plus, they upgraded the aperture ratio: it was f / 2.4, and it became f / 1.8. As a tool for a photographer, a tablet is a so-so solution due to its size, but if you really want to, then why not? In addition, iPad records video in 4K 60 fps, while the old model only allowed you to shoot 1080p 60 fps.

There is nothing to say about the battery yet, but it is unlikely that the performance indicators will differ significantly. But to charge the new iPad, you need to use a Type-C cable, but the old iPad was charged via Lightning. And to draw on the new iPad, you need an Apple Pencil with a Lightning connector! It is unlikely, of course, that such a wire is not in stock, but if such a thing happened, then you can buy an adapter from Type-C to Lightning. But in general, it turns out that you charge your tablet with one wire, and another one is required to recharge the accessory. Probably, Apple could also release an Apple Pencil with Type-C for the sake of such a thing, but no.

The acoustics have been improved: now the speakers are located on the upper and lower ends, and before the sound came only from the holes next to the Lightning port at the bottom. However, the new tablet no longer has a 3.5mm jack, so keep that in mind.

Cases from the old iPad to the new one no longer fit, now a completely different design. Of the new accessories, it is worth highlighting the Magic Keyboard Folio with Trackpad – a case with an integrated keyboard, indispensable for anyone who works on a tablet.

New is better and more expensive

Interestingly, after the announcement of the new iPad, last year’s model has not disappeared from the Apple website, it will still be on sale. And the old model has not fallen in price, just the new one has become more expensive. The difference between new and old in price is about 35%. It is possible that over time, the iPad with the button will become the iPad SE – how do you like this turn of events?

The order of prices is as follows: the ninth generation iPad with 64 GB of memory costs $329, the same with LTE will be $459. The more expensive 256 GB one costs $479, and with LTE it costs $629.

The new tenth-generation iPad with 64GB of storage costs $449, while the same one with LTE and 5G will be $599. The more expensive 256GB one costs $599, while those with LTE and 5G cost $749. All prices excluding taxes, roughly speaking, add 10% and multiply by the current rate.

It turns out that the base model of last season costs 22,500 rubles, and the new one costs 30,500 rubles, if we take the price in the USA to calculate. This year, the update turned out to be grandiose, Apple prepared thoroughly for the tenth anniversary of the tablet, it turned out to be better than its predecessor in all respects.

At the same time, the tablet has risen in price – you have to pay for beauty and manufacturability. If you don’t want to overpay, buy last year’s ninth-generation iPad. And if you need a beautiful and more powerful one, then look towards the fifth generation iPad Air on the M1, it was shown just in the spring of 2022. But it already costs $150 more, which is another story.

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