iPhone 11 Will Support Apple Pencil

For a while, information sharing about the features of the iPhone 11 series smartphones has begun. The clearest information of smartphones will not use a new design. The camera section on the back cover will change. Switch to 3 rear cameras. Other than that, a change seems to be made. The specifications of the new smartphones are not clear. iPhone 11 Pencil coming.

Gradually, information on this issue began to emerge. Finally, it was claimed that iPhone 11 smartphones will come with smart pen support. Accordingly, at least one model of the series will have smart pen support. Let’s look at the details of the support that is likely to take place in the iPhone XL.

iPhone 11 Pencil Support

According to new supplier reports, iPhone 11 smartphones may include smart pen support. For this, Apple will not offer a new smart pen. For this, the brand’s second-generation Apple Pencil smart pens are claimed to think.

iPhone 11 Pencil

Allegedly, smart pens will have support on the screen. Users who want to take smart pens will be able to use on their phones. If there is a pen purchased for the iPad, you will be able to use it directly.

But as we said, Apple Pencil 2nd generation smart pens will be offered support. The 1st generation smart pen models are not expected to be supported as in the new iPad Pro. According to information from suppliers, there is such an expectation.

But let’s add that Apple didn’t give any clues and didn’t give any explanation. Of course you will be able to learn the details after the promotion in September as usual. I wonder if there will be any other surprises for the iPhone 11 pencil.


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