iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max Prices

A technology website, based on information from its trusted sources, has announced the price tags Apple has set for 2019 model iPhones.

If we think that Apple will introduce its new iPhone models in September, we can still say that it is still a half-year. Nonetheless, resources close to the Apple supply chain continue to leak information about the new generation of iPhones. So far we have already learned about the design and some of the features of the devices. The last leak is the price of the new generation iPhone.

Evad3rs, according to the claim put forward by Apple, the iPhone XI is expected to be named the price of the new generation of iPhone, the current iPhone Xs family will keep similar. According to this, the iPhone XI 128 GB version will be $ 999, the iPhone XI 256 GB version will be $ 1,099, the iPhone XI 512 GB version will have a price tag of $ 1,199. The same pricing will be in the form of $ 1.099 for the XI Max, $ 1.199 and $ 1.299 for the iPhone XI Max.

Apple’s iPhone X with the base model for the base model, the price of $ 999 for the price tag, considering that Apple fans do not show a negative approach to these price tags. Of course, at this point, the innovations, improvements and opportunities that Apple will offer with the new generation of iPhone will also be important. Nowadays, people are upgrading their smartphones to a new model at larger intervals. That’s why Apple needs to recognize a ’really nesil good phone to increase sales with next-generation iPhones.

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