Netflix is giving away the game Immortality for iPhone and Android

Netflix is ​​giving away the game Immortality for iPhone and Android. Following the release of the title on Xbox Series X/S and PC last summer, Immortality, the latest project from Her Story creator Sam Barlow, is now available on iPhone and Android via Netflix: all subscribers to the streaming service will be able to download the game at no extra cost and experience one of the most acclaimed titles of 2022.

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Like Barlow’s previous projects, Immortality is a love letter to 90s full-motion video games. The game tasks the player with discovering the fate of the fictional actress Marissa Marcel, famous for her appearances in three films, never made it to the small or big screen.

And so, the player will be able to get their hands on many of the clips from the three recorded films, looking for clues and details to find out what happened to the protagonist who disappeared into thin air, carefully watching the clips of the three unreleased productions and behind-the-scenes footage.

The gameplay is practically based on a database of videos, which can be sorted chronologically, or in order of shots. The player will have to view the videos, being able to go fast forward or dwelling on particular scenic objects: by clicking on some of these, the system will search for all the visual matches present in the database, so as to be able to jump from one scene to another, going looking for increasingly important beginnings to understand what happened to the missing protagonist.

Barlow recruited Allan Scott and Amelia Gray, best known for their work on the Queen’s Gambit and Mr. Robot, to help write the story of this Immortality. Moreover, it should be noted that on consoles Immortality is offered at a price of 20 euros: interesting how Netflix has decided to include such an important title in its catalog of games distributed free of charge to subscribers to the service.

Netflix promises to enrich its video game offer in the coming months with new titles for all tastes. In September of this year, it acquired Night School Studio, the developer of the hit indie game Oxenfree.

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