OPPO Find N2 Flip review: a clamshell for the soul

OPPO Find N2 Flip review: a clamshell for the soul. When people ask how to get new emotions from boring smartphones, I immediately advise you to look in the direction of clamshells. It is interesting, original, and also evokes nostalgic notes for the bygone era of the birth of mobile phones.

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In addition, the fashion for devices with large screens reigns everywhere, and thanks to the hinges you get two in one – a moderately compact device, but at the same time with a large display and wow factor. For several years of the existence of folding smartphones, they have evolved markedly. As an example – OPPO Find N2 Flip, where there are a lot of interesting things. Two large screens, smooth folding mechanism, solid performance, fast charging and stable autonomy.

Comfortable fit, great materials

The smartphone surprises with a combination of weight and size: when folded, it turns out to be miniature, but at the same time it is weighty and feels like a solid thing. The quality of the materials is such that you don’t want to let go of your hands – a metal frame around the perimeter, and the panels are made of glass. When using a clamshell, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the slippery body, it is more convenient to open it with the help of a second hand. Or you can protect your OPPO Find N2 Flip with a two-piece case for more confidence.

The folding mechanism is fixed at an angle of 45 to 110 degrees – then you can show your child a cartoon without trying to find support for the glossy case.

There are no questions regarding the location of the buttons, except to take into account the fingerprint scanner located in the power key on the right side. In this case, face unlock will help left-handers, but the method is less secure, so I would use it along with finger protection.

The delicate violet-lavender color of the case is called Moonlite Purple, or, more simply, lilac. Looks great, girls love it. There will also be a neutral black for fans of a more restrained style.

External screen with cunning ideas

First of all, you are surprised by the size of the external screen: by the standards of folding smartphones, it is simply huge. In addition to information about the time and date, the weather, voice recorder, calendar and several timer modes are displayed there. And if you use OPPO or OnePlus wireless headphones, then the data about the connected accessory will appear on a separate tab.

When closed, you can shoot yourself directly on one of the two cameras, choosing one of three modes: photo, portrait or video recording. With a pinch on the screen, the image is scaled, and the smartphone also tells you how to properly aim the lens at yourself. To shoot, just touch the display or press the volume button.

Naturally, you can customize the design of the screen in the standby mode with a variety of watch options with Always On support, choose an animation for the splash screen, or get one of five pets – here you can draw an analogy with Tamagotchi toys from childhood

Against this background, we can remember about communication. By opening and closing the clamshell, you can answer and end calls, and templates are also prepared. When you receive a message, you can send a quick reply to it without opening your smartphone.

In general, OPPO plans to regularly release updates for the smartphone and add new features for the external display. For example, OPPO Find N2 Flip converts voice messages into text messages and sends via WhatsApp, Messenger, Messages Google, Telegram and LINE to the delight of all recipients of hateful voices.

Main flexible screen

The main display is bright, juicy and large: when unfolded, we get a 6.8-inch diagonal. At the same time, the crease in the middle of the screen, which is unchanged for folding smartphones, is barely noticeable. When using the OPPO Find N2 Flip, you can feel it with your finger, but in general, the feeling of a smartphone of this class is as pleasant as possible.

Foldable smartphones have gone through a difficult stage of “childhood sores”. OPPO is confident in the long life of devices: the design will withstand 400,000 operations. OPPO Find N2 Flip feels equally monolithic both when folded and when opened – there is not the slightest gap between the halves of the case.

The display supports 120 Hz, the brightness margin is excellent for both it and the external screen. If necessary, the color mode changes – everything is as usual.

Jack of all trades

A fashionable clamshell is certainly bought without delving into the wilds of characteristics. It’s just strange to rate the OPPO Find N2 Flip by how CoD Mobile or PUBG are doing here. The performance of a typical Dimensity 9000+, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory is enough in all cases – it’s another matter that all these benchmarks are somehow perceived in a strange way in the context of the device status. If desired, the amount of RAM is increased due to the built-in memory, taking up to 4 GB.

The device itself is beautiful and is not going to prove anything to anyone in synthetic tests. But it’s nice that ColorOS updates will be released for four years, and security patches for five years.

The smartphone has full support for wireless modules: Wi-Fi 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC, 5G, two physical SIM cards, and even the eSIM function, which is rare for Android. True, in this case, one physical SIM and one virtual one will work, and it will not work to get a “three-card” card.

Hasselblad sponsored camera

A serious feature of a folding smartphone is shooting yourself beloved on the main camera. Selfies are of excellent quality, it is easier to show examples than to explain in words. People from the legendary Hasselblad participated in the optics settings. If you wish, you can feel like a pro and shoot in RAW with manual camera settings in a special Pro mode.

Just in case, they added a front camera for the main screen. It is also very good, but, of course, simpler than the main one.

If you fix the screen at an angle of about 90°, then the camera interface will change. The top half of the screen will become the viewfinder, and the bottom will be the control buttons. For video communication or shooting sunsets in time-lapse mode, that’s it.

Charging flexibility is no problem

To speed up the charging process in the smartphone, two batteries are charged at the same time. In total, we get 4300 mAh, in practice it turns out about 6 hours of screen time, which pleasantly surprised me. I was afraid that the thin OPPO Find N2 Flip would not last very long, but here the battery lasts all day with a margin.

The smartphone supports 44W SuperVOOC fast charging. The charging speed is as follows: in 25 minutes, OPPO Find N2 Flip is half charged, and it takes 50 minutes to fully charge.


It is difficult to evaluate the OPPO Find N2 Flip, like other smartphones of a hybrid design, according to the usual rating scale. The specifications of smartphones have reached the pinnacle, and everything is perceived as ordinary and mundane. But we just played with technology and no longer respond to familiar formats.

For such gourmets, they prepared a folding smartphone OPPO Find N2 Flip. Everything is in order with its characteristics, I would like to single out a comfortable format and a “seamless” screen, as well as well-thought-out options for an external display.

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