Samsung tries to overshadow the iPhone in a new commercial

Samsung tries to overshadow the iPhone in a new commercial. A new Samsung commercial tries to overshadow the iPhone by talking about the absence of “innovations” by promoting features such as the 108 megapixel camera and the 100x “Space Zoom” of the latest devices.

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The commercial is titled “Buckle Up”, is aimed at iPhone users, promotes Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Flip 4 and features that Samsung highlights are not available on iPhone, sarcastically pronouncing some typical phrases from Apple commercials . “Fasten your seatbelts for the latest Apple launch”, is heard in the voice of the advertisement, continuing again (trying to translate more or less the meaning of the uttered expressions) with: “You will discover a world that does not go unnoticed, a direction that does not it’s yours, where the highest resolution in a smartphone will be in someone else’s pocket and the epic moon shot that gets all the likes won’t be yours. ” “This innovation won’t be coming to the iPhone next to you anytime soon.”

The new Samsung commercial comes a few days after the event of the Apple event on September 7, during which the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro should be presented. It is not the first time that Samsung, close to the presentation of the new iPhones , tries to ridicule those waiting for the new devices by inviting them to buy their own. It remains to be seen if this strategy actually works, and if anyone has ever been persuaded, deciding to switch to a Samsung device after watching such commercials.

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