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What’s new in iOS 14 Beta

What’s new in iOS 14 Beta. We have already found out that updates are the most reliable source of information about new Apple products. After all, if the Eurasian Economic Commission basically merges only the names of hardware innovations, indicating an approximate list of devices that should be expected in the near future, then updates often contain much more significant information. Moreover, the raw the update, the more data can be gleaned from it. That is why beta versions of new OS versions are best suited for analysis. But no one could have thought that the fragment of program code for the alpha build of iOS 14 beta would serve the same purpose.

More than six months are left before the release of iOS 14 beta, but we already know a lot about it

Handwriting in iOS apps

Handwriting in iOS 14 beta will be recognized in all applications. Well, if developers want it

Today, all tablets Apple releases support Apple Pencil. The pen serves them for drawing, making edits to the text and processing photos, but writing with it could not be done everywhere and not always. Therefore, in iOS 14 beta, Apple plans to add support for the PencilKit interface so that developers can adapt handwriting recognition in their applications. As a result, users, instead of typing messages in instant messengers and other programs manually, will be able to write messages or any other text using the Apple Pencil.

iOS mouse control

Apple wants to make the management of iOS and iPadOS mouse more convenient

Last year, Apple introduced iOS mouse support for the first time in iOS. True, it quickly became clear that Cupertino was considering this innovation as an alternative to sensory control for people with disabilities. That is why instead of the cursor, Apple chose a rather large virtual circle, which did not facilitate at all, for example, working with text and other manipulations where accuracy was important. Nevertheless, by the release of iOS 14 beta in Cupertino, they decided to “tighten up” the mouse control and replace the circle with a normal cursor, which will go out at those moments when the mouse is not in use.

Is it possible to delete messages in iMessage

Apple realized that iMessage needs a serious upgrade

A few years ago, with the release of WhatsApp and Telegram, iMessage lost its former charm and turned into a niche communication tool that is mainly used by those who either can’t or for some reason do not want to install third-party messengers. Despite attempts by Apple developers to expand the capabilities of iMessage by adding stickers and special effects, users were not fascinated. But now in Cupertino they decided that they would turn their messenger into a more or less real tax on Telegram and WhatsApp. To do this, iMessage will add the ability to tag other users with the @ symbol, which can be useful in groups, delete sent messages, silence notifications from specific chats. But there is no talk of channels and bots yet.

Fitness apps for iOS

iOS 14 beta will have a new fitness application with video instructions for playing sports

To date, Apple Watch has been Apple’s primary and only sports-oriented device. They motivated users who sat in one place to stand up and stretch themselves, they could automatically determine the types of training and recorded progress in sports, allowing them to compete with friends, closing the rings. With the release of iOS 14, an iPhone and even an Apple TV will be enough to get started, because Apple is developing a new fitness app, code-named Seymour. But, unlike what the Apple Watch offers, it will offer special video instructions for practicing various sports from running and stretching to rowing and yoga.

How to change Siri in iOS 14

Now Siri has a fairly extensive knowledge of languages, but for some this is not enough

The latest innovation of iOS 14, which is currently known, will be the VoiceProvider interface. Its purpose is to give developers the opportunity to independently synthesize alternative voices for Siri. At the moment, the function is in its infancy and there is practically no information about the model of its functioning, but, presumably, it will work on the principle of Google Assistant, which supports third-party voices. This is necessary in order to compensate for the lack of some rare languages ​​and dialects that Siri does not support. However, it is possible that Apple may delay the introduction of this innovation indefinitely.

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