WhatsApp, soon you will be able to send messages to yourself

WhatsApp, soon you will be able to send messages to yourself. WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that will soon allow you to send messages to yourself, so as to act as a reminder, or to create shopping lists on the fly.

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This was announced by the parent company Meta – Facebook, which confirmed the new function to send messages to yourself of WhatsApp to the microphones of TechCrunch. Called “Message Yourself,” the feature was first spotted by WaBetaInfo several weeks ago as part of a beta test, but is now ready to roll out globally for iPhone and Android users. In particular, the release of the update that includes this function is expected within the next few weeks, as stated by Meta.

Once you get the update, you will always be able to see your personal chat to message yourself at the top of your WhatsApp contact list when creating new messages. Once you click on it, you will be able to send notes, internet addresses, images, memos, shopping lists and anything else you need to your chat. The notification, if enabled, could help you remember this note. You can also pin this Message Yourself chat to the top of a conversation list for easier access.

Until now in WhatsApp, to send a message to yourself, it was necessary to create a group yourself, although it is certainly not an intuitive system. This new feature resembles the one implemented for some time by other platforms, such as Telegram or rival Signal. Both have been offering a function for chatting with yourself and saving messages, notes and memos for some time now.

However, self-chat on WhatsApp should arrive within the next two weeks on both iPhone and Android.

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