YouTube tests the “queue” feature for iOS and Android apps

YouTube tests the “queue” feature for iOS and Android apps. YouTube is testing a feature for the iOS and Ansdroid apps that allows you to play multiple consecutive videos. The feature in question has been available on the web for some time and appears on YouTube apps under certain circumstances, and is also known to users of the YouTube Music app.

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With the feature in question, users can add any video to the queue, change the playback order of the videos or remove them from the queue.

You can create a queue by selecting the three dot menu next to each video and selecting ‘Play as last in queue’ – this will create a queue which you can access at the bottom of the page; you can drag videos to the queue pane to change their playback order or remove them from the queue. You can continue to add videos to the queue while watching content.

The test of this feature will be active until January 28; subsequently Google will decide whether to actually make it available to everyone or not. Recently, YouTube activated the picture-in-picture function for iOS users for Premium users, offering the possibility of having a small player that allows you to continue watching it while using other apps on your mobile device.

With the standard version of the YouTube app, you can test new features by selecting your profile icon at the top right, from here Settings > Try new features.

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