3 ways to check iPhone warranty status

3 ways to check iPhone warranty status. When you buy a new iPhone (or any other device from Apple), you get a one-year warranty from the company, which you can extend by purchasing an additional AppleCare plan for your device. But how do you check its warranty status?

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Assuming your iPhone is faulty and you don’t remember exactly when you bought it, how do you know if Apple will fix it for free under warranty or you’ll need to spend more money? Fortunately, there are 3 different ways to check the iPhone’s warranty status, let’s go through it.

Use the Settings app

  • Open Settings and tap General.
  • Click About.
  • Depending on your purchase date, you may see a Limited Warranty (Coverage Expired), AppleCare+, or Coverage Expired line. Click this line to see details.
  • If you’re still under warranty, you’ll see an expiration date.

Use Apple’s Check Coverage website

This works with all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, etc. All you need to do is get your device’s Serial number and paste it into Apple’s test website.

Here’s how to do it on iPhone, iPad.

  • Go to Settings – General – About (Settings – General – About).
  • Hold down the Serial Number line and select Copy.
  • Visit checkcoverage apple site website in your browser
  • Paste the serial number here, enter the verification code and press the Continue button.
  • Immediately you will see the device warranty information appear here.

I will explain some information on this page for you to understand as follows:

  • Valid Purchase Date – is Apple’s confirmation that your purchase date is valid.
  • Telephone Technical Support: Expired – is the time you get technical support by phone from Apple, your case has expired (Expired), this time is usually 3 months from the first activation date.
  • Repairs and Service Coverage: Active (specifically the Estimated Expiration Date line) is a warranty period, usually 1 year from the date of first activation.

If you check your information, your device is activated. The Eligible for AppleCare product line says your device is still eligible to purchase the AppleCare extended warranty plan (which extends the warranty for 1 year); If you don’t see this line, it means your account is no longer available. for AppleCare.

The Telephone Technical Support section will no longer be limited to 3 months, but it will expire with the expiration date of the warranty. And you will see that the Repairs and Service Coverage line has been replaced with Covered by AppleCare Protection Plan, below the warranty expiration date.

If your device is out of warranty, you will see some information. If repairs are required, you will have to pay for everything yourself.

Finally, if you see the line “Please activate your device”, it means that your device is not activated under warranty, you need to turn on the power and do the installation steps to activate it.

Check from Apple’s My Support website

Finally, you can also check the warranty status of your device via Apple’s My Support web, and because it requires you to sign in with your Apple ID, you can only check registered devices. enter your same Apple ID account.

  • Go to the My Apple Support site in your browser
  • In the My Devices page, select your iPhone (or one of your devices).
  • In the Coverage tab, you will see all the same warranty information as above.

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