Fitbit Charge 6 Detailed Review: Evolving Excellence with a Touch of Google Magic – The Smartband that Redefines Everyday Wearables

Fitbit Charge 6 Detailed Review: Evolving Excellence with a Touch of Google Magic – The Smartband that Redefines Everyday Wearables. The latest iteration of Fitbit’s celebrated smartband series, the Fitbit Charge 6, arrives with a blend of familiar charm and fresh innovations. Here’s an in-depth look at this new entrant that’s still leading the pack in the smart wearable space, albeit with some minor hitches.

Unboxing: A First Glimpse into the Charge 6 World

The Charge 6 is presented in three primary hues: Obsidian Black, Clay Gray, and a vibrant Coral, the latter being our test subject. Each box mirrors the device’s color, setting the tone right from the start. While there’s no special edition this time, the option to personalize the band from a wide array of official and unofficial straps is a welcome feature.

Inside the box, the smartband is nestled in a cardboard cradle alongside its charging cable and an extra strap, catering to those with larger wrists. This inclusion is a thoughtful touch, emphasizing Fitbit’s commitment to comfort and customization.

Design and Comfort: Wearability Meets Functionality

The Charge 6 continues to use the same strap hook as its predecessor, the Charge 5. This compatibility with older straps is a nod to the brand’s understanding of the importance of continuity and user investment in accessories.

The new model arrived partially charged, and a brief charging session was enough to power it fully. The continued use of the Charge 5 charger is another testament to Fitbit’s focus on compatibility.

Upon wearing, the Charge 6 impresses with its comfort. The silicone strap feels almost non-existent, thanks to its soft, non-sticky texture. The smartband’s housing is crafted from a mix of plastic and 100% recycled aluminum, topped with a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass.

The Physical Button: A Small but Significant Change

One notable change is the introduction of a physical button, replacing the haptic button of earlier models. This switch proves particularly advantageous in scenarios where wet fingers might struggle with a touch-sensitive interface, like during a run or cooking.

The Charge 6 also boasts a new, vivid dial with large, easy-to-read numbers. While users can customize the dial through the app, the absence of a time-free dial option for those who prefer wearing a traditional watch on the opposite wrist is a minor oversight.

Getting Started: Pairing and the Fitbit App

Pairing the Charge 6 with a smartphone is a straightforward process, although it does require associating a Fitbit account with a Google account, following Fitbit’s acquisition by Google. This step, while optional until 2025, hints at the deeper integration within the Google ecosystem.

The Fitbit App has been revamped to reflect this transition, offering a modern and user-friendly interface. It remains a comprehensive tool for managing both the smartband’s data and customization settings.

The Premium Subscription: A Consideration

While the Fitbit App is robust in its offerings, the push for a Premium subscription is noticeable. This subscription, priced at around €8 per month, enhances the app’s capabilities but is not essential for a satisfying experience with the smartband.

Functionality: The Charge 6 in Daily Life

In daily use, the Charge 6 is a subtle companion, reminding the user to stay active and providing a wealth of health data. Its sleep tracking capabilities are particularly noteworthy, offering insights into sleep quality and patterns.

The integration of Google services like Google Maps for real-time directions and the ability to control YouTube Music playback adds a layer of convenience, although the latter’s utility is limited for users of other music services.

Final Thoughts: A Smartband That Still Reigns Supreme

The Fitbit Charge 6, priced at €159.99, continues to set the standard for smartbands. It offers a perfect blend of quality materials, advanced software features, and a user-friendly experience. While there are more affordable options in the market, the Charge 6 stands out for its quality and the depth of its ecosystem, especially with its integration into the Google world.

Pros and Cons at a Glance


  • Sleek, robust design with quality materials
  • Extensive and refined software features
  • Full compatibility with Charge 5 accessories
  • Expanded ecosystem through Google account integration


  • Limited utility of YouTube Music integration
  • Some features tied to the Premium subscription
  • Higher price point compared to other smartbands

Pricing Details:

  • Fitbit Charge 6: €159.99
  • Premium Subscription (Optional): €8.99/month
  • Compatible straps (Vancle, Songsier, CeMiKa): Ranging from €7.99 to €16.99

In conclusion, the Fitbit Charge 6 stands as a testament to Fitbit’s ongoing leadership in the smartband market. It marries the legacy of its predecessors with modern advancements, making it an attractive option for those seeking a high-quality, feature-rich

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