iPhone 16 Pro is still listed for Face ID under the screen

iPhone 16 Pro is still listed for Face ID under the screen. All that work to create Dynamic Island, to see it disappear after two years: it’s not that they don’t like it, on the contrary, even Android users would like it, but it seems that already with next year’s iPhone 16 Pro the black carving in the shape of pill could only be replaced by a small hole for the front camera, this is because all the Face ID sensors could be installed under the screen.

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We would not even be abandoning technology: simply, it seems that Apple has finally found the square by managing to integrate all the sensors necessary for Face ID under the display, for the benefit of users who will thus have a full screen front available to enjoy the most of the content.

On the other hand, we knew that Dynamic Island would be transitory: the notch that Apple launched on the iPhone X in 2017 had attracted an avalanche of criticism (although many then copied it) and over the years the company has worked constantly to delete it. The “black pill” of the new iPhone 14 Pro represents a reduction of this component, waiting to see it disappear forever.

More hints of Face ID below the screen

As we said, the date already exists: roughly it would be autumn 2024, that is when Apple will launch the iPhones of the 16 line. We have been talking about it since last year, even if at the time it was thought that it could affect the entire line, and at the beginning year The Elec has specified that it is much more likely that the first to have the Face ID face scanning system under the screen will only be the iPhone 14 Pro models.

The same source has returned to talk about it in the past few hours to confirm this direction and pointing out that the difficulties in the production of these innovative screens which would hide all the components concerned inside them should not be a problem in the near future for the production of the entire telephone line.

If with Face ID under the display the iPhone 16 Pro could be the first without a notch, replaced by a small hole, in subsequent versions the hole of the front camera will also disappear when the technology is mature enough.

It seems that at the moment the front camera module is only able to handle 4 million pixels, so far from the 12 MP resolution of the current group of TrueDepth cameras, but the situation – they say – would be improving enough to be able to reach a resolution sufficient for Apple’s purposes by 2026.

We can generally consider this source quite accurate, at least when it comes to reporting what happens in supply chains, and the logic behind today’s reasoning seems to be quite solid, but one can never say: they are still rumours. of corridor.

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