Microsoft says goodbye to Cortana on Windows at the end of the year

Microsoft says goodbye to Cortana on Windows at the end of the year. Microsoft has indicated in a support document that as of late 2023, Cortana will no longer be supported in Windows as a standalone app.

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The suppression of Cortana on Windows is not surprising, and the new Copilot was already announced at the end of May as part of the last Build conference, which can be called up from the taskbar and will allow you to take advantage of AI to perform various tasks, including the completion of various tasks, no need to find, launch and work on multiple applications.

The Windows Central site reports that Copilot will allow you to summarize content, write texts, ask questions, change PC Settings, etc.

Cortana arrived as a virtual assistant first on Windows Phone 8.1 in 2014 and then on Windows 10 in 2015, a Siri-like assistance and speech recognition software from Apple, designed to allow users to interact in natural language to perform operations such as enabling and disabling features, set reminders, etc. The voice assistant has never aroused too much interest from users and Microsoft has gradually considered it in the background, and has no longer been indicated as an element of primary importance with Windows 11.

Microsoft said goodbye to the Cortana app for iOS and Android in 2020 and ended specific support for Surface Headphones, the headphones integrated with the voice assistant, and also for other devices.

It’s not clear when Microsoft will completely remove Cortana from Windows; in the document indicating the end of support for Cortana in Windows, Microsoft suggests taking advantage of new productivity features in Windows and Edge that rely on artificial intelligence, and that it is possible and get assistance for tasks, calendar and e-mail , “in new and interesting ways”. Microsoft further explains that the change only affects Cortana in Windows and the productivity assistant, Cortana, will continue to be available for one in Outlook mobile, Teams mobile, Teams display and Teams rooms. It is unclear how long Cortana support for these apps/services will be active but it is clear that Microsoft is pushing for the adoption of new tools such as those present in Bing, Microsoft 365 Copilot (a productivity tool to create, edit, share content) and Windows Copilot (available in preview for Windows 11 in June).x

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