Microsoft will unveil GPT-4 for audio and video soon

Microsoft will unveil GPT-4 for audio and video soon. According to the latest rumors that have appeared on the net in the past few hours, OpenAI’s new GPT-4 artificial intelligence platform will debut this week: Microsoft has already set its sights on it and in a recent speech it said it was ready to adopt it.

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These are the words of the CTO of Microsoft, Germany Andreas Braun, collected by the German publication Heise:

We will introduce GPT-4 next week, there we will have multimode models that will offer completely different possibilities, for example video. Microsoft is the top investor in OpenAI after paying $10 billion for a 49% stake in the company and integrating OpenAI’s technology into its Bing search engine

With its new multimodal capabilities, users will be able to use ChatGPT’s AI to understand and synthesize the meaning and context of multiple types of data simultaneously. Text-to-video functionalities will be possible, therefore to generate movies starting from a short text description, as well as other modalities.

For example, a user could show ChatGPT an image and ask it questions about how the people or objects in the image are related. Or they could still ask him to write a story based on the contents of an image or video.

There is currently an image circulating on Twitter that GPT-4 was trained on 100 trillion parameters compared to GPT-3’s 175 billion parameters, which would make GPT-4 500 times more powerful than the current generation. However, in an interview with StrictlyVC last month, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman called the image that accompanies the 100 trillion metrics rumor completely fabricated.

Another rumor making the rounds on Twitter is that Microsoft will announce the release of GPT-4 during a live stream event at 8:00am this Thursday, March 16. The event is called “Reinventing productivity: the future of working with AI” and will feature Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft 365 head Jared Spataro as they discuss how AI will change the way people work user.

During last week’s Microsoft event where Braun announced the imminent arrival of GPT-4, Clemens Sieber, a senior AI specialist discussed possible applications of the new GPT-4. For example, thanks to the update, call center managers could leverage the technology to automatically obtain voice call summaries with customers, so they don’t have to do it manually after each call.

However, although the hype is really huge for this update, there are those who hold back the enthusiasm. Renowned linguist Noam Chomsky wrote about it last week in the New York Times, stating that however useful these programs may be in some narrow domains, they are always systems that differ profoundly from how humans think. These differences place significant limitations on what these programs can do, as well as never being able to clean up bugs and bugs.

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