Sony Project Q, portable PlayStation is back but only streaming

Sony Project Q, portable PlayStation is back but only streaming. Once again the anticipations have proved correct: Sony has announced the arrival by 2023 of Project Q, the code name of a new portable PlayStation which, however, will be very different from how long-time players imagine it.

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In fact Project Q will not be able to run video games autonomously because it will be a device exclusively for streaming games. Sony specifies that only titles installed on PlayStation 5 can be played, so it is a second screen or companion device for the living room console.

In essence it is a DualSense controller split in two with an 8-inch LCD screen with 1080p resolution in the center. It will allow you to play up to 60 frames per second with adaptive thumbsticks and tactile feedback, with grip and controls well known and highly appreciated by Sony and PlayStation fans.

In the presentation, PlayStation head Jim Ryan said that Project Q is a dedicated device for playing games on PlayStation 5 via Sony’s Remote Play function over Wi-Fi.

What Sony doesn’t say about Project Q?

However, the manager and the company have not revealed the sale price or even mentioned games and cloud services. For the moment it is not known whether it will still be possible to play with Project Q even away from the sofa and from home, using the smartphone for the Internet connection as a Wi-Fi access point.

Bearing in mind that the industry is now buzzing with Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally and other handheld devices that focus heavily on cloud gaming, it seems strange that Sony prepares such a device by excluding all of this out of hand.

Here advances come to the rescue. Staff searches from the past few months show that Sony is working on a next-generation cloud gaming service. The figures and experiences sought range from protocols and servers through interface and user experience. It will still take some time, but Sony Project Q looks like the ideal device for the great wave of cloud gaming that everyone has been waiting and predicting for some time.

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