Withings Body Pro 2: A Revolutionary Smart Scale for Diabetes Monitoring

Withings Body Pro 2: A Revolutionary Smart Scale for Diabetes Monitoring. On World Diabetes Day, Withings unveiled the Body Pro 2, a groundbreaking smart scale developed through years of research and collaboration with medical experts. This device is tailored to enhance the lifestyle of individuals with diabetes, offering user-friendly features and secure data sharing with healthcare professionals.

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The Body Pro 2 stands out as the first smart scale in the market to incorporate integrated cellular connectivity and a modular design. This innovation allows healthcare teams to closely monitor diabetic foot health, a critical yet often neglected aspect of diabetes management.

One of the key modules, the Electrochemical Skin Conductance (ESC), measures the galvanic skin response (GSR). GSR tracks continuous variations in the skin’s electrical properties, like conductance, which correlate with the body’s sweat levels.

Research has linked excessive sweating, blood sugar levels, and neuropathies, making these conditions more common than often perceived. Peripheral nerves relay sensory information to the brain, and symptoms like foot numbness are crucial to monitor to prevent diabetic ulcers and other complications.

The Withings Body Pro 2 addresses these concerns by displaying supportive messages and offering comprehensive body composition measurements, including water, muscle mass, and fat percentages.

Eric Carreel, the founder and president of Withings, regards the capabilities of this new product as a transformative development for the healthcare industry. He notes that this innovation represents a significant leap forward, backed by a decade of research and development, and validated by peer-reviewed scientific studies.

The scale’s ability to facilitate early diagnosis of often undiagnosed conditions, thereby enhancing diabetic foot management, is augmented by its potential to provide insights into the skin’s galvanic response, which could revolutionize the field.

With the integrated cellular connectivity, the scale autonomously sends data to healthcare providers, eliminating the need for manual intervention or app usage. For users who prefer not to use the onboard cellular feature, the scale also offers connectivity options to iPhones and Android devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In summary, the Withings Body Pro 2 is not just a smart scale; it’s a comprehensive health monitoring tool designed to make a significant difference in the lives of those with diabetes. Its innovative features, easy-to-use interface, and seamless data transmission capabilities mark a new era in personal health technology and diabetes care.

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