5 reasons why iOS 17 will be (maybe) the best update in recent years

5 reasons why iOS 17 will be (maybe) the best update in recent years. iOS 17 will be unveiled on June 5 which, as always, will bring several new features. There aren’t many details right now, but for some, this could be one of the most exciting iPhone updates in years.

PlayStation 5 Pro will have to wait

Here are the 5 reasons that explain this optimism.


When iOS 16 arrived last fall, it dropped support for a few iPhones still in circulation: the first SE, as well as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. After a report that Apple would not support iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and iPhone X running iOS 17 now it looks like that won’t be the case, giving these iPhones another year of life.

“Most Requested Features”

We still don’t know much about what will be in iOS 17, and we probably won’t know until the keynote, but what we do know bodes well. A report from Mark Gurman last month claimed that Apple will bring some of the “most requested features” by iPhone users to iOS 17. Among the recent rumors are “major” changes to the Control Center, which would certainly be among the most requested features.


Apparently, iOS 17 will optimize performance even more, giving new life to older iPhones.

Dynamic Island 2.0

Apple introduced Dynamic Island with the iPhone 14 Pro last year and it looks like it’s coming to all iPhone 15 models this year. This means that Apple wants Dynamic Island to be the next big interface feature and iOS 17 it will probably take it to the next level. The possibilities are many and certainly the Dynamic Island can be exploited much better than what has been done up to now.

Next generation CarPlay

At WWDC 2022, Apple gave us a sneak peek at the next generation of CarPlay, with an all-new interface designed to control much more than your car’s entertainment system. Since then we haven’t had any other info, except that the first cars with the new CarPlay would arrive in 2023. With iOS 17, there could therefore be the first news you can try.

And you, what would you like from iOS 17?

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