Can the RTX 4090 cause a fire?

Nvidia RTX 4090 power connector started to burn. There is evidence of the RTX 4090 power connectors being burned or melted.

The graphics card RTX 4090, which melts Nvidia’s power supplies, is facing some problems. According to the images shared on social media, some users claimed that the cables of the RTX 4090 were burned or melted. Nvidia, on the other hand, announced that it has launched an investigation into the matter.

Nvidia RTX 4090 cable burned and melted

The latest images that have surfaced on Reddit may confuse Nvidia and its third-party manufacturer partners. A user on Reddit showed burns on the 12VHPWR adapter cable that Gigabyte shipped with the RTX 4090. It was observed that the port on the card was also damaged and melted.

Another post shared on Reddit supported this claim. A user who uploaded a photo of the Asus RTX 4090 graphics card said that the power connector was similarly damaged and is waiting for an explanation from the company. Let’s remind you that the Nvidia RTX4090 needs a minimum of 450W power.

Saying that they started an investigation regarding these allegations, which had a great impact in a short time, Nvidia spokesperson Bryan Del Rizzo said, “We are investigating the reports. “We are in contact with the owner of the first photo and will reach out to the other for additional information.”

Nvidia switched to the 16-pin power connector with the RTX 3090 Ti graphics card, and manufacturers need to adapt to this connector. 16-pin power port, also used in the RTX 40 series; The RTX4090 comes in the form of a 12VHPWR power connector designed for ATX 3.0 power supplies.

The fact that the new 12VHPWR power connector is much smaller presents some difficulties. Nvidia recommends that the connector not be bent vertically or horizontally and have a minimum distance of 35mm. But manufacturers’ designs do not follow these recommendations. The power connector of many models from Asus to Gigabyte hits the side panel.

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