PUBG Mobile Lite features

Following the success of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games gave the herald of the PUBG Mobile Lite version, which can be played comfortably on smartphones with lower RAM. PUBG Mobile Lite has been in beta for a while. However, with the latest news, it was made available in India. So, is there a difference between Lite and PUBG Mobile? What are the features of Lite?

What does PUBG Mobile Lite come with?

Developed in loyalty to PUBG Mobile’s graphics, Mobile Lite is obviously smaller in size than the main game. There is a significant size difference between Lite and PUBG Mobil. The main game has a download size of 2 GB, while the other game is only 500 MB.

Only Erangel map is used in the game. There is also a difference in the number of players participating in the game. In the main game, 100 players entered the fight in the Lite version falls to 60 players. Players can also heal themselves on the move.

Tencent paved the way for more damage to try a more aggressive style of play. Now players need more damage to die. Thus, the way the game stays longer.

Target assistance was available at PUBG Mobile. This helps the player to shoot the enemy even if the target is not 100 percent accurate. This feature is further enhanced with PUBG M. Lite.

To simplify the experience, the recoil feature in the weapons is mitigated. Which makes it better to aim and shoot.

There is no chance to play in the graphic settings. You already need to play the game as given from the low settings. Rumors are that it’s easier to die playing the game.

There is a lack of players in the Lite version, which appeals to players who want to play the PUBG experience on a low-system phone. This, for now, makes the boats go around more. PUBG M. Lite is expected to be officially released in many countries to solve the problem.

It is said that PUBG Mobile Lite does not leave the main game very well. The game only has two results for now. This will increase as it spreads to more countries.

The game is currently available for download from the Google Play Store in India.

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