“Dynamic island” iPhone 14 Pro ported to Android

“Dynamic island” iPhone 14 Pro ported to Android. According to Apple executives, the Dynamic Island notch represents the first major change to the iPhone since the iPhone X. Exactly five years ago, Apple made a similar splash when it ditched the Home button. Other changes in devices are considered minor. An indicator of this can be considered the speed of the appearance of apple functionality on Android smartphones. Well, as usual – if Apple rolled out something worthwhile, the craftsmen immediately port it to smartphones with an open operating system on board.

Camera comparison iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max

The application has already gained more than 1 million downloads.

It may not be as laconic design and flawless work as in the original Dynamic Island, but still – android owners can now also use the cutout on the screen to benefit both in terms of control and visual aesthetics. To do this, you need to install the dynamicSpot app from Google Play. It is worth saying that the “fake” works pretty well even for such an early version and has already sold over 1 million downloads.

To install a semblance of a “magic island” on your smartphone, you must meet two conditions – to have a device with a cutout for the front camera, and also update it to at least the 9th version of Android. If everything matches, then just download the application from the official Google store and open it. The software is configured to automatically work with supported devices and requires only fine-tuning if necessary. For example, the user can independently choose which programs will work with Dynamic Island and which will not.

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