How to share a song (lyrics) from Apple Music to Instagram and Facebook stories on iPhone or iPad?

How to share a song (lyrics) from Apple Music to Instagram and Facebook stories on iPhone or iPad?Sharing music is a great way to get people talking or making new friends. Depending on your iOS version, you can send the songs you’re listening to (even with a quote from the lyrics) to Instagram or Facebook stories directly from the Apple Music app.

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How to share music from Apple Music to Instagram or Facebook?

You can share artists, albums, playlists, and individual songs using the Apple Music app. All you need to do is tap on the three-dot menu anywhere in the Apple Music app, and then select Share Song from the pop-up action sheet.

If you want to put music on your Instagram or Facebook stories, and not just add a link in a status update, you’ll need to work with albums, playlists, or songs.

To share an album or playlist, open it in the Apple Music app and tap the three-dot menu at the top of the screen. You can press and hold your finger on an album or playlist in your library to bring up the Quick Actions menu. There, select “Share Album” or “Share Playlist”.

To share a specific song, press and hold it in the Apple Music app to bring up the Quick Actions menu. You can also start playing a song by tapping its name at the bottom of the screen, and then tapping the menu button with three dots. Select “Share” from the menu that appears (see screenshot above).

In the Share menu that opens, tap the Instagram or Facebook icon in the second row to share the music to your story in this app. You may need to scroll horizontally through the list of items to find the icons you need.

Apple Music automatically creates a picture with the correct dimensions and a blurred background that matches the colors of the music cover. There will also be a link to Apple Music that your subscribers can click to open that song, album, or playlist on the Apple music service.

Use the Instagram buttons at the top of the screen to add stickers, draw pictures, or insert text into your story. You can also drag the Apple Music image to shrink it, rotate it, or move it around the screen.

At the bottom of the screen, select the option to share this post for “Your Story” or “Close Friends”. Or select “Share” to share with other people.

Anyone viewing your story can tap the Play on Apple Music button at the top of the screen to open that song, album, or playlist in the Apple Music app on their device.

How to share lyrics (quote) from Apple Music to Instagram stories and other services?

Starting with iOS 14.5, Apple Music introduced a feature whereby subscribers to the streaming service can now share the lyrics of the songs they listen to as a set of words. It is possible to send audio clips that contain sung words. We’ll walk you through how this feature works.

In Apple Music, many songs have lyrics that can be viewed in real time. This makes it possible to sing along during track playback or use it to jump to certain parts of the song. With iOS 14.5 and later on your iPhone or iPad, you can now share lyrics with a friend or more on social media, including Instagram Stories.

In some cases, this feature also allows you to share clips with the desired song. For example, if you want to share a song via iMessage, then an Apple Music card will appear in the chat. It will allow the recipient to play a specific part of the song in the message box by simply pressing the play button. Here are the steps to help you share lyrics on Apple Music:

  1. Open the Music app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Start playing a song from Apple Music. At the bottom of the screen, tap on a currently playing song to expand the mini player.
  3. Click the Text button in the lower left corner of the screen. If it’s greyed out, then Apple Music doesn’t have lyrics for the current song and you won’t be able to share them.
  4. When the lyrics are displayed in real time on the screen, press and hold any word.
  5. An action menu will appear, with which you can click on the individual lines of text you want to send. To deselect the selected text, simply tap it again. Note that Apple imposes a character limit. This means that on average you can use between four and six lines depending on the song. It is worth focusing on the limit of 150 characters.
  6. Select a sharing method from the two rows of options, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Messages (iMessage).

After the Music app creates an Instagram story, you’ll be taken to that app to complete the post. The more lines of text have been selected, the larger the story card will be.

You can also share the desired fragment of the song using the “Share Lyrics …” action.

Added songs to stories from Apple Music won’t play

While you can usually add music to your Instagram and Facebook stories, any stories you share items with from the Apple Music app will be silent. Of course, anyone who views them can click on the Apple Music link at the top of your story to play that song in the Apple Music app.

It is not possible to add custom sound effects or music to stories from Apple Music. This may be due to licensing issues as Apple may not have the required licenses to play these songs in other apps.

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