iCloud for Windows users complain about corrupted videos and other people’s photos

iCloud for Windows users complain about corrupted videos and other people’s photos. Some users are having serious issues with iCloud for Windows. All forums are filled with complaints about corrupted videos and images from strangers that are displayed in the media library.

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Most often, complaints come from users who have iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models. Videos that were recorded on iPhone and then synced to iCloud for Windows appear black with incomprehensible stripes. It is impossible to watch such videos.

Even stranger, some users see photos and videos of strangers that don’t belong to them. They are displayed in the media library when trying to watch a damaged video. Here is what one of those users who encountered the problem writes:

iCloud for Windows displays corrupted videos I shot on iPhone 14 Pro Max. Black videos with strange stripes are obtained. Sometimes other people’s photos appear in the video. Most likely from other iCloud accounts. I saw photographs of other people’s families that I had never met. Photos from football games and other random photos. The problem is serious, because now I do not feel safe.

It is not known if the images are taken from other users’ iCloud accounts, but it is quite possible. Many users saw photos of other people’s families, children, football games, etc.

Uninstalling ‌iCloud‌ for Windows does not resolve the issue. Most likely it’s the servers. Many have already reported the issue to Apple, so the company may be aware. The problem is relevant for Windows 11 and Windows 10. It may only occur on devices with certain settings. For example, if the HDR and HEVC functions are enabled.

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