iOS 16.3 changes the activation of emergency calls on iPhone

iOS 16.3 changes the activation of emergency calls on iPhone. Among the innovations integrated in the update to iOS 16.3, changes concerning emergency calls: Apple explains that – with the update – to make calls via the iPhone emergency SOS function, it is now necessary to hold down the side key and one of the volume keys and then release them. This is for all iPhones equipped with Face ID.

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Apple doesn’t explicitly say so, but the change was probably made to avoid accidental emergency calls. Previously, it was enough to hold down the side key or one of the volume keys, continuing to hold down the keys, until the “Emergency SOS” cursor appeared: iPhone plays a warning sound and starts the countdown (can be locked by dragging the cursor ). When the countdown ended, iPhone called 911.

With the latest iOS update the operation is similar, but now you need to release both buttons at the end of the countdown. As long as the buttons are held down, iOS 16.3 will not call emergencies, it is when they are released that the call will start.

To recall the Emergency call Preferences, just open Settings, choose “SOS Emergency”; from here it is possible to choose whether to call by holding and releasing the side key and one of the volume keys, or – alternatively – to call by pressing the side key five times. From this section it is also possible to indicate the emergency contacts.

In all cases, after an emergency call ends, iPhone alerts our emergency contacts via text message, unless you choose to cancel. iPhone will send your current location (if available) and for a set amount of time after you turn on Emergency SOS mode, your emergency contacts will receive updates if your location changes.

With the iPhone 14 terminals, in the absence of W-Fi and cellular networks, it is possible to send an emergency SOS text message via satellite: for the moment the service works in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, but Apple could announce coverage soon of the service in other countries.

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