Microsoft will unveil AI features for OneDrive in October

Microsoft will unveil AI features for OneDrive in October. Microsoft wants to integrate AI features into OneDrive (its cloud storage and backup service) and specific innovations will be announced on October 3 during an online event.

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As part of the event, titled “Microsoft OneDrive: The Future of File Management is Here,” we will showcase new features for the file storage service and a look at leveraging AI in searching, sharing and queries .

The event is designed for IT administrators, partners and Microsoft 365 enthusiasts, and will see the participation of five executives from the Redmond company: Jeff Teper, President responsible for Collaboration Apps & Platform; Arwa Tyebkhan, Principal Group Product Manager; Gaia Carini, Principal Group Product Manager; Jason Moore, Vice President Product Management and Sesha Mani, Partner Group Product Manager of the company.

Teper leads Microsoft 365 product, design, and engineering teams, including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more. Tyebkhan is the lead product manager responsible for OneDrive for the web; Carini is the group product manager responsible for OneDrive Sync for Windows and macOS. Moore is the vice president of product management for OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Lists and Office 365. Finally, Mani leads Microsoft 365 Cloud Security, AI and Management.

“In recent months, we’ve made several improvements to OneDrive, and more are on the way,” Microsoft reports in the announcement. “Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what’s new and discover how OneDrive can help you and your organization achieve more.”

Microsoft has long been involved in the generative AI field. We are witnessing a strong acceleration in the field of AI and there are numerous companies involved in the sector and ready to offer specific functions in the most disparate products. Microsoft has integrated AI into Bing searches, offers Copilot AI in Windows, Microsoft 365 and is starting to offer specific technologies in mobile apps.

The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 sparked interest and debate on its unprecedented economic, ethical and social implications, immediately characterizing itself as one of the largest – if not the largest – technological discontinuity of recent decades. Generative AI is expected to have revolutionary and transversal impacts on all economic sectors and all aspects of our society, changing the way we interact with technology, consume and produce information and content.

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