The strange Android Auto bug with Google Maps (and possible solutions)

The strange Android Auto bug with Google Maps (and possible fixes). Android Auto is experiencing a moment of profound renewal with the release of the new Coolwalk version, however today we are not talking about this, but about the strange and annoying operating problem that many users are experiencing with Google Maps: the loss of the GPS signal. Mind you: at the moment there are numerous reports online and no official response, however always on the Net we learn that the malfunction could be solved – or at least circumvented – with simple solutions and within anyone’s reach.

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Android Auto and Google Maps: what’s going on

If you are a frequent user of Android Auto and have recently been tormented by the GPS signal search alert, know that you are not alone. Well yes, it is enough to take a tour of the online forums to discover quite a few reports of the exact same bug, which does not appear to be even limited: the affected users are owners of different car models, different smartphone models and even users of different versions of Android Auto.

Making the situation even more bizarre is the fact that the same users do not experience the same problem using Google Maps outside of Android Auto.

Furthermore, according to the reports – partly coming from Google channels partly from Reddit – the loss of the GPS signal occurs only when the smartphone screen is turned off and therefore the same is put on standby.

The (very easy) possible solutions

If you too have come across the bug that links Android Auto and Google Maps, know that other users seem to have solved, or at least circumvented the problem in extremely simple ways. For some, it was enough to set the location permission of the Google Maps app on their Android device to “Always Allow” (Google Maps > Settings > App Permissions > Location); still others have remedied it simply by deactivating the energy optimization options of the app (Google Maps> Settings> Energy saving).

In all cases, although the solutions described are simple and within everyone’s reach, they do not explain why a similar bug has arisen only in the last few days, nor its heterogeneous diffusion. In short, waiting for Google to strike, now you know what to do to get rid of that annoying GPS signal search notification.

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