Apple could take advantage of Hybrid OLED panels for future iPads

Apple could take advantage of Hybrid OLED panels for future iPads. Rumors have long reported that Apple intends to switch to OLED technology for the displays of future iPads and now the latest rumors tell of the possible use of a hybrid OLED technology that combines rigid and flexible materials for the panels.

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Apple may be reluctant to rely solely on flexible OLED panel technology because it thinks these will tend to deform when used on devices with screens larger than the iPhone. It is stated that Apple’s choices are determined not only by costs, but also by problems affecting the aesthetics of the panels, small “ripples” that go unnoticed on 5.7″ screens like the 5.7″ iPhones, and will be products with larger screens.

The hybrid OLED technology that Apple will be interested in has not yet been perfected, it will take at least a year to be released and can be integrated into iPads; however, rumors indicate that both Samsung and LG are processing ultra-thin 2mm substrates with less than the current 5mm standard for use in this field.

Apple reported that it is working on display panels for second-generation OLED iPad models, citing agreements with Samsung and LG for the use of new Gen 8.5 OLED equipment.

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