Apple will launch foldable iPad and iPad mini in 2024

Apple will launch foldable iPad and iPad mini in 2024. It seems there will be a long standstill of iPad news during 2023, a prolonged stop of 9-12 months with no news and perhaps even without the introduction of any tablet by Apple, but the situation will change already at the beginning of 2024 when according to Ming Chi Kuo Apple will release its first iPad with a foldable screen, in addition also an updated iPad mini.

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The centerpiece of the prediction is undoubtedly the foldable iPad in 2024. Apple has been known to be working on a foldable screen device for years. Initially thought of iPhone, but the most recent leaked plans point to a tablet with a screen of about 20 inches, as indicated as far back as October 2022 by display expert Ross Young, although at the time the expected arrival date pointed to 2025 or even 2027.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s earlier tease also points to a later arrival. Unfortunately Ming Chi Kuo does not reveal much about this device, limiting himself to indicating the presence of a support made of carbon fiber built by Anjie Technology, a Chinese company that will benefit from the orders from Cupertino.

In the absence of new models and taking into account the current economy, Kuo expects iPad shipments to drop by 10-15% in 2023, but the analyst is convinced that Apple will recover sales and market share with the new arrivals next year.

Even if the analysts’ forecasts do not seem to agree on the arrival date, we remind you that Samsung also expects Apple to introduce its first foldable, laptop or tablet in 2024. The foldable iPhone will arrive only later.

As for the iPad mini, however, it will be an update in the technical specifications, with a new processor, but for the moment a design change compared to the price list model which was introduced in 2021 does not seem expected.

Within this year Apple will present its first augmented and virtual reality viewer: there is the risk that it could become Apple’s first big flop of the modern era, however according to the founder of the startup Vrvana (acquired by Apple in 2017) the Apple viewer will be a revolution like Mac and iPhone.

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