Google attacks Microsoft for anti-competitive practices

Google attacks Microsoft for anti-competitive practices. According to the leaks, Alphabet’s Google has targeted Microsoft for anti-competitive practices related to the cloud world, asking the European Union to look into the company’s agreements with various market suppliers and exacerbating a growing rivalry between the two companies.

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Google Cloud Vice President Amit Zavery told Reuters that Microsoft would take an anti-competitive stance in the industry, blurring customer choice by combining Office 365 and Windows products with its Azure service.

Those comments follow increased industry attention from US and UK regulators as more companies move their operations to the cloud. The battleground, therefore, is certainly current and fiery.

This week, Microsoft proposed changing its cloud practices with smaller competitors, in hopes of avoiding competition complaints and ultimately an EU investigation. Also because Microsoft is currently under the eye of the European lens for the agreement with Activision Blizzard.

However, Zavery said deals made with smaller European cloud providers would only benefit Microsoft; in other cases, the colossus would buy “those who complain”, moreover not making these same more advantageous conditions available to everyone.

“And that definitely gives Microsoft an unfair advantage and still binds the complainers to Microsoft,” Zavery said.

Addressing regulators, Zavery added that the case should be looked at “as a whole” and that even if one or two vendors agreed to the updated terms, it “still wouldn’t solve the larger problem.”

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