Google Chrome for Mac with new way to download files

Google Chrome for Mac with new way to download files. Google has updated the Chrome browser and the latest addition to the macOS version is a revamped way to download files. Instead of at the bottom of the Chrome window, files downloaded or being downloaded appear in a window at the top right, much like they do in Safari.

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As always, you can find the downloaded files on your computer by clicking on the arrow next to the file name to show the file in the folder or on the folder icon or the “Show all downloads” item

From the window in question you can suspend or cancel downloads and view the list of downloaded files. It is possible to change the download paths by choosing Settings (the three dots at the top right), selecting “Downloads” in the left column: from here it is possible to select the default location for downloads, activate or not the request to save the file first to download it and show or not the downloads at the end of the operation.

Google is also reporting new features in Chrome for iOS/iPadOS: You can now add URLs or progressive web apps to your Home screen (just open a web page or progressive web app, tap the Share icon in the address bar, then ” Add to Home screen”), translate the text you want (just select and long press the text, then tap Google Translate), search with the camera using the Google Lens icon in the keyboard. Big G still reports generic performance and stability improvements.

If you haven’t closed your browser for some time, you may notice a pending update: in the top right click on “More” (the icon with the three vertical dots): if there is a pending update, the icon will be green (an update was made available less than 2 days ago), orange (an update was made available about four days ago), or red (an update was made available at least a week ago). Obviously it is always possible to download and install Chrome from scratch starting from this address.

Google Chrome requires iOS 15 or later / iPadOS 15 or later, “weighs” 164.8MB and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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