iOS 13 Beta Release Date

The new mobile operating system iOS 13 beta, which Apple has been working on for nearly a year, will carry many important features to iPhone and iPads. When will iOS 13 come out? What will change on iOS? Here are the curious details …

When will iOS 13 beta be released? What will change on iOS 13?

Apple’s health technology in recent years has begun to focus on good, this version will show itself on iOS. A new section called Daily Report will meet us in the Renewed Health app. Here you will be able to look at the activities carried out all day long.

In the Apple Maps application, common locations like home and work can be more easily adjusted; it will be much easier to reach the desired location. On the other hand, a new feature that will be sent to the Mail application will be passed to the front of the e-mail with a completely blocking feature to e-mail easier to separate a new folder system will be shared with users.

On iOS 13, users will be able to control all their devices from a single panel.

It turns into an application like WhatsApp with the installation of iOS 13, which will make a series of changes in the Messages application. Users can choose their own profile photos or have a chance to identify the user name. It will even be possible to determine who will see this information.

While Night Mode is still expected to be activated with iOS 13 beta, phones will consume less battery power in this mode; less eye. This mode is thought to be sensitive to time, users can switch to night mode manually.

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