iOS 13 Features and Release Date

Apple is expected to introduce the next iOS 13 version of its iPhone and iPad operating systems at the World Developers Conference, which will start on June 3, 2019. 9to5Mac prepared a detailed report on the expected features.

Dark mode and multitasking features

First, the long-awaited feature dark mode finally comes to the iPhone and iPad along with iOS 13. While a similar feature is now available for us as a dark contrast mode, the dark mode will be more advanced than the contrast mode. In addition, compatible with Mac iPad applications will benefit from the dark mode feature.

With iOS 13, there will be a free window feature that will come to iPad. With this feature, when you open a double-window application on iPad, you can move one over the other and move freely. You can think of this feature as windows on Mac computers. Thus the iPad will have gained more than a personal computer feature.

Safari improvements and fonts

One of the points that many iOS users complain about is that the shake-back feature will now become a button. So users will not have to shake the phone to get back what they wrote. It is said that this feature can come with gesture movements.

For the iPad, the Safari app will come with a mandatory desktop version. So when you log in to a website with the iPad, you will see the website in the desktop version. Some websites have shown their sites to iPad users in the mobile version in older versions.

Font management is seen as a major priority in iOS 13. It will no longer be necessary to install a profile to install new fonts into the system. Instead, there will be a new font management panel in Settings.

Smart E-Mail and more

According to 9to5Mac’s report, the Mail application will become even smarter. With the new update, marketing and spam messages will fall into the yeni junk lem folder, which is the new folder. This way, users will see only important emails on the main page of Mail. Users can also add e-mail in the queue with the Kullan read later ile feature.

Apple engineers also aim to provide easy collaboration with document-based applications developed by third parties, similar to those already existing in their productivity applications, including Apple’s office applications, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. This integration is expected to come with iOS 13.

Birr, which is expected to come with iOS 13, is a redesigned r Reminders ile application. The application will be renewed according to the current design concept.

What are you thinking? What are your expectations for the update? Is there a different feature that you expect to come? Please specify in the comments.

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