iPadOS 13: How to run multiple apps in Slide Over on iPad

In iPadOS 13, Apple turned the Slide Over feature into a small iPhone window on the iPad screen. Now you can launch several applications (and application windows) in Slide Over and switch between them. Below, we’ll show you how to open multiple apps in Slide Over on an iPad.

How to open multiple applications in Slide Over

Step 1: When the application is open on the screen, swipe up to open the Dock, and then hold down the application.


Step 2: Now swipe up to the middle of the screen and release your finger. The application opens in Side Over. You can also activate Slide Over by holding down part of the application, which you can turn into a new window.


Step 3: When the Slide Over panel is open, hold down another application and drag it over the Slide Over window. The old application will change to a new one.


How to switch between windows Slide Over

Step 1: When iPadOS 13 two different applications are open in Slide Over, the Home indicator appears on the bottom of the Slide Over panel (as on the iPhone).

Step 2: Swipe left or right on the Home indicator in the Slide Over panel to switch between applications.

How to close applications in Slide Over

Step 1: The Slide Over window is a mini version of the iPhone, so it has its own multitasking system. Swipe up from the Home indicator on the Slide Over panel.


Step 2: All Slide Over windows are displayed. Scroll them horizontally and select to open.

Step 3: To close the application in iPadOS 13 Slide Over, just swipe up its preview.

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