Tesla, data leak with thousands of self-driving claims

Tesla, data leak with thousands of self-driving claims. In a mega data leak from Tesla, thousands of customer complaints emerge about the Full Self Driving system, signed FSD, for completely autonomous driving. The discovery comes from the German financial newspaper Handelsblatt which claims to have obtained 100GB of confidential Tesla data from various informants.

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In particular, over 2,400 complaints are reported for sudden and involuntary acceleration, while another 1,500 complaints concern braking problems. Of the latter, 139 are cases of sudden and involuntary emergency braking and 383 phantom stops generated by false collision warnings.

The complaints concern the period from 2015 to 2022 for the USA, Europe and Asia. Even with the reservations due in cases of data and news leaks, the amount of detail is sufficient to raise concerns about the safety of the automatic driving system.

We remind you that the full Tesla FSD autonomous driving is still in beta, but many of the automatic driving assistance and safety functions, such as automatic parking, automatic lane change, emergency braking and others, have long been included in Autopilot and Autopilot advanced.

When asked for explanations by the German newspaper Tesla replied that it is theft of data that must be deleted. What emerges from this mega data leak in Europe is in contrast with what has been verified in the USA.

To date, Tesla’s automatic driving system has not been held responsible in more than 200 accidents that have been thoroughly investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, signed by NHTSA, the US highway safety authority.

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