The 5 new features that could arrive on iPhone with iOS 17

The 5 new things that could arrive on the iPhone with iOS 17. According to the latest rumors, there are 5 new things that we will probably see on the iPhone thanks to iOS 17. Less than two months from WWDC, the rumors about the next big update for iPhone are increasing day by day day. iOS 17 isn’t expected to offer any groundbreaking new features, but there are some notable improvements that could come.

WWDC23 will be all about the Apple headset

Mark Gurman has said that iOS 17 will include many of the most requested features by users, which bodes well for the news that we will see on the iPhone Since then, more details have arrived on this eagerly awaited update.

Performance improvements

iOS 17 will focus on bug fixes and performance improvements, especially on older devices. Apple therefore seems to be increasingly focused on increasing performance, efficiency and stability.

Translated in practical terms, Apple is working to make ‌iOS 17‌ a bug-free update even on older iPhones.

Interactive widgets

Apple is testing the interactive widgets for the Home screen and the Today screen on the iPhone, but apparently this novelty could be delayed either to subsequent updates of iOS 17 or even to iOS 18.

Interactive widgets would allow you to do much more than the simple current view, thus allowing users to interact with buttons, functions and more of the apps related to individual widgets.

Improved search

New iOS releases often feature improvements to Search and Spotlight, and it looks like ‌iOS 17‌ will be no exception. There has been a lot of attention on ChatGPT and other chatbot experiences using AI trained on web content, but we don’t expect anything this advanced from Apple.

Search improvement rumors aren’t detailed, but Apple has worked in the past to streamline results, locate text in photos and videos, and allow users to search for specific topics in images. There could be improvements to all of these features, along with new search features.

One area that badly needs improvement is Apple’s in-app search, like the search function for the Settings app. The Settings app often doesn’t provide reliable results for the option you’re looking for, so hopefully this falls within the scope of the iOS 17 improvement.

Alternative App Stores

European regulations will soon require Apple to support sideloading and alternative app stores, giving customers in Europe a way to access apps outside the App Store.

Apple is working to include this feature in iOS 17. We can expect the company to still enable security checks for apps downloaded from alternative stores, similar to the Mac Gatekeeper feature that prevents untrusted software from being installed on Macs. Additionally, Apple it still plans to charge developers for access to iOS, though the fees could be less than the 15 to 30 percent the company now charges from the App Store.

New CarPlay

At WWDC 2022, Apple demonstrated a next-generation version of CarPlay that is expected to roll out in 2023. This release includes support for multiple displays in a vehicle, so the CarPlay experience can be deployed on the infotainment system, instrument cluster, and more.

Instrument Cluster Integration is a new feature that will give ‌CarPlay‌ more control over vehicle functions and will integrate with the speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and more. Your vehicle’s climate controls will also be directly accessible via ‌CarPlay‌ so you don’t have to exit the ‌CarPlay‌ system to adjust your heat or air conditioning, and Apple is also planning to add a number of useful widgets that will display information such as the duration of the trip, fuel economy, weather, HomeKit devices and other details users may want to see while driving.

More news

There are other features being talked about for ‌iOS 17‌, including changes to the always-on display, support for the upcoming AR/VR headset, improvements to the Health app, and additional filters for Focus mode.

When will iOS 17 be released?

The first beta of iOS 17 for developers should be available as early as June 5, immediately after the presentation. The first public beta is expected in July, while the release of the final version will take place between mid and late September.

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