AirPlay for hotels, LG will produce the first compatible TVs

AirPlay for hotels, LG will produce the first compatible TVs. Among the novelties of iOS 17, there is the possibility of sharing content from your iPhone using AirPlay in an even simpler way.

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AirPlay will also work with certain televisions in hotels: the user will be able to view their content on the TV even when travelling, solving the problem of those who, when in certain accommodation facilities, are forced to pay to watch movies and other programs on the big screen . The hospitality establishments themselves are most often forced to offer these services for a fee, since they in turn pay to offer streaming for hotel entertainment.

Apple has announced that the feature that allows you to offer AirPlay on TVs in hotels and similar will be available later this year in some hotels, starting with the brands of the IHG Hotels & Resorts group.

The function in question takes into account privacy and security (there is no need to indicate credentials and other info on the TV but these remain stored on the customer’s phone) and for the connection between the customer’s device and the TV, just scan a QR code.

After pairing the device to the TV, the user will be able to take advantage of streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Apple TV+, YouTube, etc.), view movies, photos, music, presentations, etc.

ZDNet reports that LG is the first to announce support for this system with a line of TVs that will be AirPlay compatible for hotels.

LG’s hotel TVs will offer AirPlay support for guests. “Hotels that offer this feature will have an edge with travelers who use Apple devices, increasing guest satisfaction while also differentiating themselves from their local competition,” said Michael Kosla, LG’s US vice president of hospitality. It is not clear whether the function in question will only be available on new TVs or if it will be possible to implement it (through updates) also on current LG Hospitality TV models.

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