Apple Confirms Compatible Bluetooth Accessories for Vision Pro

Apple Confirms Compatible Bluetooth Accessories for Vision Pro. Apple has recently outlined the range of Bluetooth accessories that are confirmed to be compatible with its Vision Pro headset. Given the device’s Bluetooth capabilities, Apple has cautioned that not all third-party Bluetooth gadgets may work seamlessly with the Vision Pro, prompting the company to specify which accessories users can rely on for the best experience.

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For audio, Apple highlights that all current models of AirPods and Beats headphones can be paired with the Vision Pro. The AirPods Pro 2, featuring USB-C charging and Lossless Audio support, are recommended for their ultra-low latency capabilities, providing an enhanced audio experience compared to earlier AirPods iterations.

When it comes to keyboards, the Vision Pro is compatible with most Bluetooth keyboards from Apple as well as other brands. However, older Apple keyboard models that require removable batteries are an exception. While the Vision Pro offers a virtual keyboard for simple tasks like password entry or brief messaging, a physical Bluetooth keyboard is preferable for more extensive typing activities.

Regarding mouse and trackpad support, the Vision Pro is not designed to work with Bluetooth mice. It is compatible with the Apple Magic Trackpad, but this does not extend to older trackpad models that use removable batteries or trackpads produced by other manufacturers.

For gaming enthusiasts, Apple confirms that all Made for iPhone Bluetooth controllers, including those from Xbox and PlayStation, can be connected to the Vision Pro. Controllers compatible with iPadOS are also assured to work with the device, broadening the scope for gaming and interactive experiences.

Lastly, for hearing assistance, Made for iPhone hearing aids are fully compatible with the Vision Pro. Additionally, certain models from brands like Phonak, IQBud, and Poco have been verified to work with the headset, ensuring users requiring hearing aids can also enjoy the Vision Pro’s features.

This guidance from Apple ensures that Vision Pro users can confidently select from a range of accessories to enhance their experience with the device, knowing beforehand which products will provide the best compatibility and performance.

For a better understanding, here’s a concise list of devices confirmed to be compatible with the Apple Vision Pro:


  • Includes all current AirPods and Beats models
  • AirPods Pro 2 recommended for optimal audio quality


  • Compatible with most Bluetooth keyboards, including those from Apple and other brands
  • Not compatible with older Apple keyboards requiring removable batteries

Mouse and Trackpad

  • Only the Apple Magic Trackpad is supported
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth mice or older trackpads with removable batteries


  • Supports all Made for iPhone Bluetooth controllers, including those from Xbox and PlayStation
  • Compatible with any iPadOS-compatible controller

Hearing Aids

  • Made for iPhone hearing aids and selected models from Phonak, IQBud, and Poco

This list ensures users can fully enjoy their Vision Pro experience with compatible accessories.

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