Google Maps will land on Dynamic Island

Google Maps will land on Dynamic Island. Google Maps will land on Dynamic Island. The use of Big G maps, one of the most important services in the American company’s “bouquet”, is anticipated by some portions of code that refer to Live Activities, the iOS APIs that allow third-party apps to show real-time information on the lock screen and which should be one of the most innovative elements of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus arriving in a few days

iOS 17 prompts you when it’s time to save an offline map to Apple Maps

The features are not currently active, as we learn from an indiscretion, and therefore nothing is known about them, but if everything works as expected, the Live Activities (in Italian “real-time activities”) could be used to show indications turn-by-turn or details such as estimated time of arrival at your destination with notifications that update live on your lock screen (no need to unlock your phone).

The apps created to take advantage of the Dynamic Island always remain active, without obstructing the view of the other contents of the screen: to access any commands, just tap and hold on the screen. Any background activities such as Maps, Music or the timer remain visible allowing interaction. Third-party apps that use real-time activities can provide various real-time updates and are already used in areas such as sports news, car sharing services, etc.

Apple offers the possibility to take advantage of Live Activities from iOS 16.1; in February of this year, Google had announced that support in Maps would arrive “in the coming months” but so far nothing specific has been offered.

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